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"First Emtosh Limited", specializing in Security, Safety systems and special projects(Supply of special security solutions and training). We specializes in the supply of special security solutions and training.

Our mandate and vision is to deliver safety and security solutions that are highly cost effective and cost efficient to the fulfillment and satisfaction of our customers.

First Emtosh has the technological knowledge to develop all forms of security system from the Conceptual design to the commissioning and maintenance of the system all in accordance with the client's requirements. Our systems are adaptable to any location and climatic conditions.


Our Products

Home Surveillance

Fire Alarm Security

Anti Intruder Alarm System



Fence Perimeter

Reliable Inveter

Computer Lan Network System

We will deploy a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in each of the areas critical to the success of fulfilling the requirement. We have subject matter expertise in the areas of surveillance, physical and information security, networking, IT service management and project management.

  • Our Approach : To partner with the customer.
  • Our solution : A high performance service to the customer.
  • Our Value : Real customer benefit on the whole-life cost.
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